Local Sports Hero
The Untold Story of Wesley B. Walker
by Jesse Newman

Jesse Newman, author of Local Sports Hero: The Untold Story of Wesley B. Walker
It all began simply enough. I was provoked by a newspaper claim about who was our best local sport figure. Why wasn't my cousin among the named? I recalled watching my cousin play years ago. We thought he was pretty good. Further investigation proved our earliest impressions right. What began as a simple question in my mind turned into this book. I have long been interested in history of all kinds, picking up a degree at the University of Kansas, in Japanese History. I had also written books before (one, an essay about humanity and history, published back in 1968, two others, unpublished). However, these books concerned history I had studied, rather than what I had lived. I went to visit my cousin, and discovereed he had saved newspaper clippings from high school to 1973. Looking through these delapidated scrap books, I decided to copy them for our local history museum. They took a five hour long oral history from him, and it began to answer my questions. There followed this exploration. I am so glad it came now, while he is still alive.