Local Sports Hero
The Untold Story of Wesley B. Walker
by Jesse Newman

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I'm Jesse Newman, author of Local Sports Hero: The Untold Story of Wesley B. Walker.

About the Author
It all began simply enough. I was provoked by a newspaper claim about who was our best local sport figure. Why wasn't my cousin among the named? I recalled watching my cousin play years ago. We thought he was pretty good. Further investigation proved our earliest impressions right. What began as a simple question in my mind turned into this book. I have long been interested in history of all kinds, picking up a degree at the University of Kansas, in Japanese History. I had also written books before (one, an essay about humanity and history, published back in 1968, two others, unpublished). However, these books concerned history I had studied, rather than what I had lived. I went to visit my cousin, and discovereed he had saved newspaper clippings from high school to 1973. Looking through these delapidated scrap books, I decided to copy them for our local history museum. They took a five hour long oral history from him, and it began to answer my questions. There followed this exploration. I am so glad it came now, while he is still alive.


About my latest book, History of Kyudo and Iaido In Early Japan

The comic books that came out in the 1920s to get Americans to read more comprised of many action- and super heroes, such as Batman Superman, and Wonder Woman. Since 1968 Bruce Lee playing Kato and the Green Hornet, in 1973 the movie, Enter the Dragon will introduce Asian martial arts to the USA and the world. This book will show the superhuman feats of the Japanese archers psychologically and physically, and the records they achieved, in my opinion. These unsung people would be heroes today if more readers knew of these records that the Japanese have in their history. The impact of the mental and physical is so extreme that this information hopefully will garner THE WOW FACTOR!







Can There Be Lasting Peace In the Middle East?About my book, Can There Be Lasting Peace In the Middle East?

Newman has taken a subject that has spanned decades and caused grave problems to all concerned, namely the Middle East, and offers a unique solution to the conflict there. First, he gives us a comprehensive view of the entire area; the historical and the political background of the Middle East, including the negative part that Britain's colonial past played in creating the conflict we have today. Then he shows how the situation has been exacerbated by those who stand to profit from its continuation. By including his unpublished text, verbatim, from 1994, he successfully demonstrates how little has changed in the intervening years. Then he offers a vision of how things could be, of how they ought to be for all concerned. Newman notes how young the population of the Palestinians is, notes the prevalence and ubiquity of the information age, and claims that prosperity and a future for Palestinians will be as important to them as it is to us. He further points out that without security, prosperity is a vain hope. Security for the whole area is what is needed. Last, he offers a daring and unique way to get there. It would provide the security, for both sides, needed to have a lasting peace in the Middle East.

About my book, Local Sports Hero: The Untold Story of the Univesity of Kansas Sports and Wesley B. Walker

This book is an easy read (I deliberately chose a large font). Wesley Walker graduated high school right on the cusp of integration. Wilt Chamberlain was being aggressively recruited by the legendary Phog Allen that year. Walker, despite being a highly talented player, never played high school basketball. In the local city leagues, where he was omnipresent, he truly shined. He cosistently scored high, was a positive team player, and is fondly remembered by many from that time for generously sharing his acumen for the game. He was recruited by the Harlem Globe Trotter's farm team, the Jesters. If he had been properly "groomed" by good coaches, or recruited by the University of Kansas at that time, he might have played with Wilt Chamberlain. He should have been recruited at least by one of the Black colleges.The game was changing to a fast break one, and Walker played that kind of game. However, he went into the army instead. There he developed into quite a boxer. His development was cut short by a tragic car wreck, in which he almost lost a leg. Walker fought back, and became a wheelchair champ. In later years, he opened a local gym, and is beloved today by many who personally felt his influence.

The Hated Outsiders

The Hated Outsiders:

The reason this book is being written is because three cultural histories have been left out of the standard texts used in the schools of America. What is African history as it relates to Black slave history in America? The Manifest Destiny created by the black slave revolt in Haiti will bring about the sale of what is now known as the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Secondly, what is the history of the Jews, and what is the history of the Jews in America? Jewish history is not just a few chapters in the Bible. It is 5771 years old and was accelerated in 1948 with the formation of Israel. Finally, Japan: Why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor? Why have the Emperors of Japan not laid a wreath on the U.S.S. Arizona? Answers to these questions are contained herein showing the three combined cultures' impact is greater on today's issues that affect this country - and world. The Puritan called America the 'new Israel,' as they pictured this land full of opportunities. Almost bankrupted by the Revolutionary War, having a low population, we will set a course across to the Mississippi River and start encountering cultures, peoples and histories that will be foreign to Europeans' mindsets. Christianity and greed will be the new mantra as we will not stop at our Western shores, but by 1903 we will be at the front door of China. Looking back at these huge lands America acquired, will also show the problems we will layer over these non-Christian peoples. Wealth will be the stimulus and free trade a goal, so we will compete with the other Europeans. America will also show its dark side in the history of the 19th and 20th centuries at home, in Asia and the Middle East.